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Wireless Hotfix Battery Applicator Wand

$266.00 HKD

  • Model: DW-AW02

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Item No.: DW-AW02

Requires 3 x AA batteries, batteries not included.


Applicator heats up in about 30 seconds.



With a 4mm flat tip for working with any size of  Hot-Fix embellishments.


Apply Hot-Fix embellishments to Jeans, Veils, Headpieces, Wedding Dress, Shoes, Quilting, and home decor items.



The metal tip is extremely hot, so please be careful when  use.

*4.5V ,9Watt.   
Brand:Sew Mate

Item No.
battery excluded
Place the Hot-Fix embellishment on the desired place.
Press the wand over the embellishment for 5~25 seconds till the embellishment is fixed.

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